Healdsburg Modern Cottages is a full glass raised to four modern design masters : Eileen Gray, George Nelson, and Ray and Charles Eames. To celebrate their genius we have channeled their spirits into four getaway cottages in the heart of downtown Healdsburg, each with a luxury of space in which to experience their signature pieces.

The experience begins when you pick up your key at Studio Barndiva, the elegant little gallery next door to Barndiva, before continuing your way across the plaza to a tiny street that runs along Foss Creek. Here the cottages are located, surrounded by elegant sculpture gardens with native plantings and a very private pool and lounging green.

We have provided bicycles for you to get around town (except in winter), and should you desire a partial or full concierge service, just pick up the phone and tell us what you desire. We will happily connect you to the very best wine tasting in all three appellations, farm tours, great runs, beautiful walks, mellow work-outs, and a variety of sybaritic adventures named after your spirit hosts. We love privacy when we travel, so we won't be interrupting your stay unless you reach out to us.

At HMC we love truly modern things because they never lose their power to astonish. Every good hotel room these days has great soaps, flat screen TV's and high thread counts. We have all that too, but in our way of thinking, great hotels, no matter how small, should do more than make you feel extremely comfortable. At HMC we invite you to 'mix it up' with a few new moves, invigorating new views, and furniture that dances with the walls.